Assalaam ‘alaykum,

Welcome to Working Muslimahs.

W.M. is a free business directory for Muslim women. All businesses are listed for up to a year before renewal. It is also for job vacancies and to share career tips through our blog. 

It was formerly Work at Home Trust (a remote job post and career tips site) and was re-branded to cater to Muslim women. The reason was to focus on a specific need and make a productive and positive difference.

Our Mission

  • For Muslim women entrepreneurs to submit their businesses for visibility and brand awareness
  • To promote Muslimah businesses
  • To create a platform for Muslim women to find Muslimah-owned products and services in one place
  • To support Muslimah careers
  • To share legitimate job vacancies
  • To share useful career tips
  • To help Muslim women build confidence on their career paths

Want to make a difference?

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