Blogging is NOT for You If …

Blogging is NOT for You If …

As much as I would like to keep this platform very positive, I also think it’s important to be realistic. People blog for many different reasons. Some even started when the word “blogging” wasn’t a thing. It has become very popular today with millions of blogs on the internet and continues to attract more people.

As I’m typing now, I’m pretty sure someone is starting a blog. There are countless reasons why you should blog, but what if I also told you that there are few reasons why you may want to forget about blogging? Okay; let me explain.

You hate writing
This is pretty obvious. If you absolutely hate typing or writing, then what would be the point of starting a blog? You would have to write to keep a blog going, so there’s no point putting yourself through the misery. BUT, if you are willing to get over that feeling and learn to love and appreciate it, I don’t see why you shouldn’t at least try.

You don’t really care about helping others
Unless you simply want to blog to communicate with family and friends who are far away, forget about blogging if you hate helping others. If you actually want people to read your posts, then you should give them a reason why they should bother reading it in the first place. Helping doesn’t have to be giving freebies, making free printables, or share some awesome recipes or DIY tips.

Even sharing something as simple as a poem, an encouragement, or talking about a personal struggle can be very helpful to someone else depending on your intentions. Many people read articles online to find new inspirations or to relate to others and feel like they’re not alone. If your blog has nothing to offer, most won’t bother reading it.

If you’re especially planning on starting a blog for business purpose but hate helping, why blog? To advertise your business on your blog, you need readers, and people want to have a reason to read your blog. If you aren’t offering anything that would make their time worthwhile, forget about blogging. Remember, helping doesn’t always have to be giving out freebies.

You want to get rich… quick!
I would never say that it’s impossible to get rich quick, but don’t start blogging with only $$$ on your mind. If you want to make an income from blogging, start slow and be patient. Consistency and patience is the key. But how would you be patient if you feel the burning desire to start making all the money you could possibly make right NOW? It’s unrealistic and you’d most likely be setting yourself up for failure with such mentality.

You always compare yourself to other successful bloggers
Looking up to successful bloggers to gain inspiration and to motivate yourself is one thing; comparing yourself to them at the very beginning is another. If you spend all your time looking down on yourself and your ability to blog only because you think “Look at these bloggers with almost a million followers. I could never be successful at blogging because I could never be like them,” then blogging may not be for you. But if you’re willing to drop that mentality and start seeing yourself as your own competitor, then I don’t see why you shouldn’t start blogging.

Competition can be healthy if done the right way. It’s okay to look at those in your niche to have an understanding of what’s trending and what they do to bring them success. See it as a learning process; growth.

You’re not willing to learn new things

Whatever your reason for wanting to start a blog is, there’s always room for learning new things in life. It could be learning a new skill, learning about new gadgets and resources, or learning about people in general. The more we learn, the more we grow, and learning new things can manifest itself in many different ways. If you purposely block all doors to learning, you would be putting yourself at a huge disadvantage in the blogging world. So maybe blogging is not for you. But if you’re ready and willing to explore, join the family!

You care too much about others’ opinions
I’m talking about being afraid of complete strangers’ opinions to the point where it hinders your ability to express yourself. This one hits home for me. I’ve always been the worrying type who always cared too much about others’ opinions. This is very common; I get it. I probably still struggle with it to a certain degree. But if you let it go out of control and leave it that way, you will NOT be able to blog; ever! If you’re ready to fight those fears, just start a blog.

There ya have it. Six solid reasons why I believe blogging may not be for you. It doesn’t mean that you can’t change it if you see yourself in any of the above categories. Life is a journey and if you’re willing to learn and grow, you’re ready to conquer any possibilities.

So, do you think blogging is for you?

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