Make a difference by helping Muslim women entrepreneurs worldwide!

Contribute/volunteer with your time with one of the available positions below. 


1. Content Creator/Editor

  • Write at least 1 career-related blog post a month. Ideas can be found here.

  • Provide accurate references (authentic only); if applicable

  • For one-off submissions only, click here


2. Interviewer

  • Interview Muslimah entrepreneurs to share their success stories or entrepreneurial tips


3. Social Media Contributor

  • Make inspiring and practical Instagram images and captions

  • Follow the WM Instagram theme 


4. Group Moderator  

  • Moderate the Facebook closed group to make sure rules aren’t broken.

  • Post entrepreneurship and job-related posts.

  • Start useful conversations.

  • Remove spammers.


5. Ambassador  

  • Simply inform Muslimah business owners about our free directory so they can list and promote their businesses here.

  • Share and follow us on social media!

  • Opinions and suggestions are highly welcome!


6. Podcast Host (2 or more) (coming soon)

  • Contact inspirational Muslimahs online for interviews once or twice a month

  • Tackle important topics related to career, entrepreneurship, motherhood, etc. 


*One of your future plans is to create jobs in shaa Allah.

To contribute, please fill out the form below.

Jazakum Allahu khayran for your willingness to contribute. Talk to you soon, in shaa Allah! 

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