Mizan, Relationship & Wellness Coach

Mizan, Relationship & Wellness Coach


Assalaamu alaikum,

My name is Salma Umm Layla and I’m a Mizan Therapist and Relationship and Wellness Coach.

Mizan is an abdominal massage that helps to facilitate healing of reproductive and digestive issues. The massage used with essential oils helps to bring warmth and nutrients to the organs through the blood flow whilst massaging out congestion and blockages which encouraging the ligaments and tissues to strengthen and do their job of holding organs in place.

Along with dietary and lifestyle changes and herbs, the body can find homeostasis and bring back balance (Mizan).

Alongside being a Mizan Therapy, I’m a Relationship and Wellness coach. I help women to reconnect with their inner core and start living life in their authentic self, by the will of Allah.  One of the most testing relationships can be marriage, as we are put in a new environment with different dynamics and upbringings. Some of our unresolved issues travel with us and what may appear like new issues with our current relationship are often issues that are rearing their ugly head again.
Relationships are all the same and require the same skills. Once we master them in the hardest one it’s quite easy to see the patterns in others.

Finally new to my services is DoTerra Essential Oil. I’m so happy to find pure essential oils (so pure you can ingest them) that I feel confident to use on my clients and family. It’s been difficult for me to recommend alternative products that don’t mess up women’s hormones but alhumdulillah I’m so happy to now have an alternative.

You can find out more about DoTerra products via this link: http://www.mydoterra.com/ummlayla
Also to book for any of my other services please use my appointment app: https://ummlayla.as.me/


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