Do NOT Make these Blogging Mistakes that I Made

Do NOT Make these Blogging Mistakes that I Made

I started blogging almost a decade ago, but it started out as a simple fun hobby. I’ve used multiple platforms, changed blogs, changed domain names, and took long breaks. It wasn’t until a couple years ago that I discovered the potential monetizing side of blogging. I’ve made mistakes that held me back from reaching my fullest potential, so I wouldn’t want you to do the same mistakes.

Here are some of the mistakes I’ve made:

Being impatient 
When I started blogging years ago, it was just for fun and I don’t know if making money from blogging was a thing at the time. A few years later, I started a virtual admin business and learned that blogging was one effective way of getting clients. So, I stopped my previous blog and started a new one for the sole purpose of establishing my business. I started blogging by sharing the little knowledge that I had on various subjects related to my niche. But, unlike other times that I blogged, my only purpose for blogging was to create traffic towards the services that I offered and to get clients. I was impatient because I wanted to see all the success that I had envisioned.

Patience is a very important virtue in all aspects of life, especially for entrepreneurs. If you’re looking for all the results rights away, you won’t give yourself enough time to actually enjoy what you do, so as a result, it could be noticeable through your blogs. It’s easy to quickly burn out without patience.

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Not being confident enough 
I did somehow have the confidence needed to blog, but I lost it all when I told family and friends about my blog. This may not directly be related to my virtual admin business, but it did affect me in the long run. I shut down a blog that was starting to become popular because I felt strange thinking that every time I published a post, some of the people who knew me would read my post and know what went through my mind sometimes. The crazy thing is that I was the one who shared my blog in the first place. They already knew me in real life, but for whatever reasons, I still felt strange about the whole thing. My blog was general. Some posts were about social issues, some about DIY projects, and others were about anything that crossed my mind and knew could benefit my readers.

It’s okay not to want family and friends to know your online presence, but establish that firmly before sharing your blog. If you feel strongly about it, then don’t share it at all. Make sure you’re first ready and don’t put yourself in a situation where you feel the need to shut down your blog. But, if you do decide to share it, know that most people may actually be supportive of what you do. I now don’t fuss about people knowing my blog. I actually got supportive and kind comments when I shared it.

Not appreciating my efforts and ‘success’ enough 
Getting back to my virtual admin business, I didn’t really appreciate my efforts and the milestones as I should have. It’s okay to sometimes be a self-critique, but that’s different from just being negative. I thought that I wasn’t successful enough. I didn’t give myself enough time to appreciate all the hard work I was doing. Within few months of blogging, I started getting thousands of views on each blog post. How did I not see that then? It goes to show that our perspectives greatly shape our experiences in life. Thousands of views per post is a great milestone for any blog! I guess I didn’t know much about traffic. I also got multiple comments from readers thanking me for sharing great information. What was I expecting? Millions of view within only a few months? To be honest, I don’t think I even thought much about the traffic; I just wanted to make a living because I was somewhat of a new graduate and broke. I wanted to start getting many clients. But, that only happens with consistency and perseverance. I can only image how much I’ve lost because I gave up.

Always recognize your own efforts and don’t overlook the small milestones. You may want clients now, but maybe you should first focus on building your blog. Your blog is your portfolio, so work on it. While you’re at it, have fun and be patient. If you enjoy what you do, it wouldn’t seem like work or be as overwhelming as it may be if you didn’t enjoy it.

Not learning about ads

Getting traffic didn’t seem like a big deal to me because my blog had no advertisements. I did NOT like having third-party ads on my blog. I didn’t know much about them, but I also didn’t care to learn. I just didn’t like the idea of not fully being in control of what my blog visitors saw. I didn’t know that I could have blocked some keywords from showing certain ads and could have put a disclaimer on my blog informing my readers of anything they needed to know about the ads. Not everyone prefers to run ads on their blogs, but my reason for not doing so was mainly based on lack of knowledge.

Don’t base your judgments on just thoughts; make research for confirmation. Make sure you make blogging decisions based on facts. You never know, the facts may change your mind; or not…

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Starting all over again
Needless to say, I did eventually stop blogging on my virtual admin blog. It was supposed to be a short break because many life-changing events happened, but it ended up taking years. When I finally decided to go back to virtual admin, I had already started my homeschooling blog where I shared educational resources. I really enjoy blogging on my homeschooling blog, so I thought maybe I should only focus on that. Things changed a little bit and I wanted to share with my friends all the work-at-home jobs and business ideas I had found over the years. The best way I could think of was to start a blog dedicated to doing just that. Now my focus isn’t on getting clients as it was before. For me, that’s a good thing because I can be patient, enjoy what I do, and of course eventually monetize my blog while I’m at it.

Anyways, a couple of days ago, it suddenly dawned on me that I could have used my old virtual admin blog as my new career blog! It was an established blog that had many views, was starting to get recognition, and I could have introduced this new path as the next chapter to my work-at-home career. But now that I’ve started a whole new blog with a whole new name, I believe that it’d be better to just continue here instead of going back and forth. At least now I know better and can advise others not to make the same mistakes.

I hope this post will be beneficial to someone out there. I still have a lot to learn. And of the things I’ve learned, I have a lot to implement. If you’ve made any of these mistakes, what have you learned from them? Any other tips or advice?

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  1. Great post here. I started my blog two years ago and my biggest mistake was expecting traffic too soon. It took a year before I began seeing any traffic worth checking. And that was 100 blogs later! For any newbie bloggers I would say keep at it and look at your blogging business as a long term journey of learning, writing and connecting. And don't forget to have fun and help others in any way you can. I thank those who helped me along the way and it's be very rewarding in many ways. Great post here!

  2. I totally agree! "Look at your blogging business as a long term journey of learning, writing, and connecting…" And if you enjoy what you do, it would be harder to give up. Sometimes people have very high expectations and don't even see the success in front of them as in the case of my previous blog.

    Thank you for stopping by and sharing wonderful tips Dave!

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