Make $40 per Task as a Speech Developer Using your Phone or Tablet

Make $40 per Task as a Speech Developer Using your Phone or Tablet

I got contacted by a company called Lionbridge for a language research project that it is currently working on. This is a company I was planning on working with a few months ago in the research department. I decided to focus on my own business, but Lionbridge has many opportunities. You can find different types of jobs on their website depending on your location. This project that I’m sharing with you now is for native Welsh speakers living in the United Kingdom. 

If you speak Welsh and live in the UK, this may be a great opportunity for you. If you do not live in the UK, still try to apply or ask them if you qualify for the position. The project is about developing speech recognition for the Welsh language. Your job would be to record your voice as you read aloud sentences in Welsh. You can use your phone (Android), tablet, or a computer if you prefer. If you use a computer, they require that you use Chrome. Sorry, iPhone and iPad are not accepted. Of course, you would also need a microphone of your choice. 

According to them, each task is approximately 45 minutes to an hour worth of engagement. You can do this project right from home. They do require that you be at least 18 years of age to take part. The project is ongoing and they pay $40 per task. You would be given a choice to the type of payment methods you would like to use between PayPal and bank transfer through Xendpay. 

How to Apply:
To apply, you would need to go to the Lionbridge’s language research page to fill in the registration form.

You will be contacted once your application has been accepted. It’s an ongoing project which requires many participants. They encourage applicants to forward this job opportunity to anyone who may qualify.  

So, if you speak Welsh and know others who also do, apply and forward it to others. You can easily do this if you’re college student who needs a little extra cash. I wish you all the best in your job hunting and stay on the look-out for many more job opportunities that I plan on sharing very soon.

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